Last month, we had a great workshop with Eğitmen Panda 🐼 on communication and the ways of giving effective feedbacks! We analyzed six useful feedback techniques during the workshop. Deniz Ekinci, one of our Fellow students, wrote her Learning experiences on these 6 Effective Feedback Techniques for your daily life use! Eğitmen Panda

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1) Hamburger or sandwich is a technique which looks delicious but something we cannot eat! If you want to criticize someone, you should first pay a compliment to make the person happier with the positive sides of their actions. By doing that, you will encourage the person…

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Hello and see you December! You came fast and went like a wind. However, that did not mean we were relaxing with a cup of coffee under a blanket. On the contrary, GLLS and its members were busy with assignments, evaluations of GLLS 8th Cohort applications and attending many several activities. Let’s look at them!

First, we started off with a leadership session with Ketrin Gülük, H&M’s Sustainability Manager and Counry Marketing Manager. She informed us about recycling problems in the fashion industry and H&M’s sustainability efforts. Researchs show that the textile industry and relatedly the fashion industry are one…

The Covid19 pandemic situation affected the entire world for sure. Even though the semester started already, we terribly miss our campus and each other! Despite all of it, GLLP community dedicated to stay positive, stay focused and stay motivated for life, academic accomplishments and career goals.

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Transition to online education system was not easy, and time to time being still positive can be difficult. Nevertheless, the GLLP family has started the new semester with all motivation. “Nourish to flourish!” was a motto for us which inspired our first event, the retreat!

The retreat aims to make GLLP members get to…

GLLP is full of opportunities! The University Innovation Fellows (UIF) is a program of Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design ( It empowers students around the world to become agents of change in higher education. Since 2017, each year a cohort of students are selected among Global Learning and Leadership Program (GLLP) as Fellows at Koc University. KULENDAR project is created by UIF 2020 Cohort as one of their Project proposals. KULENDAR is a calendar portal where all events in our school along with class times, deadlines and exams can be seen. The main objective of the project is…

Today, more than ever we are living in a society built upon consumption and pollution. We wanted to change this pessimistic outlook to the future, to do so we needed to make people adapt to sustainable lifestyles. In our research, we saw that people gain habits harder and harder when they have to go out of their comfort zones and most of the sustainability habits are out of their comfort zones. Therefore, we believed in design were, people will step by step change their habits and convert their world into a better place. …

Summary of the Project

We aimed to create an online market system that will contribute to the economic independence of the Syrian refugee women in Turkey. We will cooperate with the vocational courses that municipalities and other refugee foundations provide for the education of the refugees themselves. …

This project aims to narrow the gaping inequality chasm that persists in education. As a solution to our problem, we created an Instagram page, named @herkesicinegitim, which encompasses basic knowledge ranging from art to basic science. Throughout the ideation stage, we developed three main objectives, namely, accessibility, creating an open source, and the need to thrive through perpetuity. In these unprecedented circumstances, people are met again with the need to revive the adoption of open sources and this is essentially at the crux of our project.

Facts on the Project Progress

During the development phase of our project, we conducted…

KUmünite is an open-to-all platform that is beyond the students’ clubs and independent from a particular group for the Koc University students. KUmünite project started its own channel in discord platform, and has been actively used by the Koc University student during the online semesters due to Covid-19 pandemic

In the beginning, our aim was to eradicate categorization at Koç University as a result of the prejudices of people towards each other. To reach our goal, we came up with the idea of building a Koç community by creating a space that is free, cozy, and safe from prejudice. Before…

Koc University Global Learning and Leadership Program students gathered in Ibiza in August 2019, to initiate this game-changing program.

The Purpose

To design new narratives that are to be applied in Ibiza that bring impact through local partners and the inclusion of children with Children First World principles to help the transformation of how to become a conscious visitor to Ibiza, all year round.

The Outcome

  • 3 conscious business models that empower children and the locals
  • A new impact song, written by children and artist Rico Loop named “Perfect Day is Now”
  • A local community bringing families, children, and businesses together in an inclusive…

The first thing we did, when we started our project as KISs (Sustainable Campus Community), was to determine the values we worked for. We defined the values in five headings as honesty, self-sacrificing approach, empathy, respect and openness to change have gained more importance for us later in the course because we realized that the success of the project depends on, in fact, achieving these values.

Sustainability is a scope that can be adapted to all areas of our lives, including the use of resources that are already used, without harming the environment and without using more if there is…

Global Learning and Leadership for Sustainability

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